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Ann Wherry, Reiki, Healing, Melbourne   Ann Wherry, Reiki, Healing, Melbourne   Ann Wherry, Reiki, Healing, Melbourne


Ann Wherry, Virabtional Healing, Melbourne

Vibrational Balancing is energy healing that pinpoints spiritual or emotional causes of blockages, set–backs, repeated patterns, physical pain or disturbances.

It ends old cycles by creating new energies and frequencies that help you to move forward and get the most out of your life and relationships.

Family, group and corporate healings are also available. Vibrational Balancing may also be used to clear land, new homes, premises or spaces.

The Vibrational Balancing © techniques I use may include:
Ann Wherry, Reiki Healing, Melbourne Reiki
Ann Wherry, Chakra Healing, Melbourne Auric fields and Chakras clearing, rebalancing, alignment, activation and re-sequencing
Ann Wherry, Vibrational Healing, Melbourne Rebalancing and repair through sound, colour, symbol and aromatic frequencies
Ann Wherry, Crystal Bowl Healing, Melbourne Crystal and crystal bowl healing
Ann Wherry, DNA repair and healing, Melbourne DNA repair and activation
Ann Wherry, RNA repair and healing, Melbourne RNA repair and activation
Ann Wherry, spiritual guidance and healing, Melbourne Spiritual guidance and counselling
Ann Wherry, consciousness healing, Melbourne Thought perception and though consciousness repairing blockages and changing long held perceptions
Ann Wherry, Chakra Resequencing and Healing, Melbourne Re-sequencing Chakras and the physical body including bones, ligaments, tendons and organs
Ann Wherry, Back and Heart Resequencing and Healing, Melbourne Back and heart re-sequencing
Ann Wherry, Soul Healing, Melbourne Understanding soul challenges and repeated life circumstances through Time-Master healing (Egyptian Methodology). Then, as the lesson is learnt, they are lifted and ended, and new, appropriate and conscious ones are created
Ann Wherry, Past Life Healing, Melbourne Past life and progressive life Healings
Ann Wherry, Karmic Healing, Melbourne Reading Archetypal, karmic wheels
Ann Wherry, Spiritual Healing, Melbourne Reading, understanding, ending and creating new programs or Contracts as appropriate
Ann Wherry, Theta  Healing, Melbourne Theta healing
Ann Wherry, Bowen Therapy and Healing, Melbourne Bowen therapy

No matter what issue is involved or what technique is employed, all Vibrational Balancing is based on highly refined, channelling skills. In the healing, I explain to you what is coming through in symbol, geometry, sound, colour and even mathematics and we discuss it as we go along. Everything is written down or visually recorded and you are given a written record of the healing session and a Vibrational essence to support the healing.

If you would like a Distance Healing, the healing is done in Melbourne, and information recorded (hand written) is sent to you by post. I do not re-type it or send it by email, as it is hand written, can exceed 20 pages, and the use of complex mathematical and geometric codes makes digital transference almost impossible. Please call or email me outlining the issue and after you have received the written healing and essences by mail, a follow up session by phone, Skype or Facebook is arranged to go over the healing.

Many of my clients simply come back when new issues arise in their lives, that demand healing and understanding. Healing is simply a part of our commitment to our own lives, and growth.

Distance Healings are also offered at Ringwood North and Port Melbourne. Land Healing and Corporate (workplace) Healings can be on-site, in which case, travel expenses would be added to the consultation fee.

As a healer, I see a variety of clients with a wide range of problems. But they all have one thing in common, the desire and the need to transform their lives, and, most importantly, the courage to do so! You may like to experience Vibrational Balancing for yourself. At the end of each consult, you will enjoy a Reiki treatment which will leave you feeling relaxed, secure and at peace. Please feel free to make an appointment at one of my healing centres:

Your Wellness Centre
102A Oban Rd
Ringwood North VIC 3134
Simple Affair
224B Bay Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3025

Please contact me on 0409 330 836 or email or use the contact page